Meet the Moyle’s

Mark and Mariah Moyle have been a happy team since 2011. They lived on a private island construction site in a 20’x20′ sqft plywood box for 1.5 years before realizing that if they could get through that, they could get through anything. They were married shortly after relocating to civilization.

Their adventures started on the remote island of Norman’s Cay and then they island-hopped their way through northern and central Exumas. Next, they moved to Harbour Island for 2.5 years and finally they are now slightly settled in the “big city” of Nassau. Their current location allows them to explore the many islands of the beautiful Bahamas. 

Plugging themselves as experts in all aspects of the Bahamas lifestyle, they have a wealth of knowledge and information to share about experiences living and building in remote areas. Mark is a licensed real estate agent and would be happy to assist in answering any questions about purchasing property in The Bahamas. 


Mariah Moyle – Writer

Kiteboarder || Yogi || Paddlesurfer || Rescue Dog Mom

Mariah is from the Pacific Northwest but has become quite fond of sunshine and warm weather over the years. She sailed from Charleston, SC to The Bahamas in 2009 and was instantly enamored.

She started Out Island Life in 2013 while living on Harbour Island. It has since evolved from a blog, to a cooperative venture with Mark, integrating both of their knowledge and experience into the site. 

She is currently writing a travel guidebook on The Bahamas for Moon guides. 

Follow on Instagram @islandmariah 

Mark Moyle – Real Estate Agent & Owner’s Representative

Kiteboarder || Surfer || Waterman

Mark is originally from Freeport, Bahamas. He moved with his family to Australia to complete his education and then spent several years backpacking and surfing around the world as a young adult. After his adventures, he returned to The Bahamas and it’s been home ever since. He ran a successful kitchen cabinet business Nassau for many years until the global financial crisis led him to pursue work in the Out Islands. He has been working as a construction project manager, owner’s representative and real estate agent during his time in the islands.

Contact Mark directly for any questions about real estate and construction in The Bahamas