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Island Hopping in The Abacos

The islands of The Abacos are an extraordinary place; so close to the doorstep of the United States, but truly a world away. 180 miles east of West Palm Beach, this archipelago consists of more than 100 islands, covering 120 miles, but only a handful are populated.

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Escape to Pearl Island, Bahamas

Looking for a quick escape from the big city of Nassau?
Pearl Island is the latest getaway with a true Out Island feel, welcoming guests for just over one year now. Located just a short boat ride from downtown Nassau, this charming barrier island is marked with a pastel and white lighthouse…

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Four Days in Grand Bahama

fter completing the Nassau/New Providence chapter, where I spent several weeks playing tourist in my own backyard, I was ready to head towards the unknown. My second chapter for Moon Bahamas travel guidebook was Freeport/Grand Bahama. Mark is...

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Craft Beer in The Bahamas

Anyone who knows me knows about my passion for beer and brewing. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me access to craft beer from the start of my beer-drinking experiences. I was fortunate to live in one of the first areas in the USA to open the doors, loosen the...

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What’s the Deal with Freeport?

Lighthouse Pointe at Grand Lucayan recently went on a weekend trip to Freeport to meet up with my husband's parents and visit old family friends. Although he was born there and lived there until he was about 7 years old, he hadn't visited in almost...

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Featured Out Islander – Angie Dovel

Nassau-native Angie Dovel has chosen a bit of an unconventional life. For 7 years, she's been caretaking a 13-acre private island in the Northern Abacos. Despite the fact that the Abacos is home to the third largest city in The Bahamas, Marsh Harbour (population...

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The Sisterhood of Island Women

Let's face it, us island women need each other, and we have to stick together in order to survive the mental hardships (yes hardships, it's not all fruity rum drinks and rose-colored sunglasses people) that one faces by living on a rock. Steadily it’s becoming more...

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Reminder: Pay Attention to the Sunset!

I recently watched the sun set for the first time in a long time. I mean, truly watched it. No distractions, no checking messages or Instagram or Facebook. I set my phone down, put my devices aside and tuned into nature. It was amazing what I saw. I saw a multitude of...

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