Dake's Shoppe - Harbour Island

Nestled behind a white picket fence is a quaint historical cottage with bright red shutters, now known as Dake's Shoppe. With a talented eye for design, Dake Gonzalez spends half of his time dedicated to a production company in New York, and has recently opened a boutique clothing store here in Harbour Island.

Specializing in well-curated men's and women's resort wear, home decor, linens and textiles, Dake brings a worldly blend of style and sophistication to his Harbour Island store. Breezy tunics and crisp linen shirts pair with tastefully selected handbags and cashmere scarves. Sustainable handwoven place mats and solid handcrafted cutting boards are just a few of the many treasuresyou will find in the store.  

As if the contents of the shop itself weren't irresistible enough, the store resides in a colonial cottage that at one time was owned by the Cash family, one of the members of whom was a seamstress, which makes it all the more fitting for the house to have become an artisan clothing store. Original rafters, exposed shingle ceilings and Abaco pine clapboard siding add to the timeless Harbour Island ambiance of Dake's Shoppe.

Dake's Shoppe is located on Crown Street, between Pigly Wigly and Arthur's Bakery. Hours are Monday-Saturday 9:30am-6:00pm.