Our Story

Mark and Mariah met on a remote island in The Exumas in 2011. Norman's Cay has an intriguing history of drug smuggling and scandal, but at the time they met, the island only had a sparse population of 7 people. You can read about what life was like on that island HERE. They spent several years living a life of both simplicity and complexity. Simplistic due to the lack of anything available on the island. No stores, no amenities, nothing that would constitute a proper settlement. Complexity because every single thing you think you might need to survive needed to be shipped to the island. 

Eventually they took jobs on a private island in the Central Exumas. They spent 1 1/2 years on a construction site, far removed from any sort of normalcy. They even smuggled Barley The Pirate Dog along with them. When that job was completed they headed to the small community of Harbour Island, where they lived an interesting life for 2 1/2 years. Lots of fishing, kiteboarding and walking on the beautiful Pink Sands Beach, as well as enough power outages to test your mental sanity. 

They had one more stint on Norman's Cay in 2016 before heading to the "big city" of Nassau in September. They now spend their time exploring the islands from their home base and enjoy beautiful views from their house on the hill. Nassau has a lot to offer with regard to a kiteboarding community, decent surf on occasion, a yoga community and healthy food options. 

Mark is originally from Freeport, Bahamas and other than going abroad for schooling and several years backpacking around the world, he has always called The Bahamas home. He ran a successful kitchen cabinet business Nassau for many years until the global financial crisis led him to pursue work in the Out Islands. He has been working as a construction project manager, owner's representative and real estate agent during his time in the islands. Mariah is from the Pacific Northwest but has become quite fond of sunshine and warm weather over the years. She's been working on marketing, website development and writing. 

You can find more information about their involvement in construction and real estate at M&M Management and Exclusive Buyer Bahamas


Here's a sampler of life in the Out Islands....