With direct flights from the US, Eleuthera is one of the most accessible Out Islands, but feels a world away. The 110-mile-long island has charming settlements, natural sights, and remote beaches.

Derived from the Greek word for Freedom, Eleuthera evokes a sense of freedom to this day with its expansive landscape. It has history as being one of the first place that European settlers started expanding. The Eleutheran Adventurers arrived from Bermuda seeking religious freedom in 1648. They were shipwrecked on The Devil’s Backbone on the northern point of Eleuthera and hid out in Preacher’s Cave for 1 year while their dingy skiff returned to Bermuda for help and additional supplies. They eventually established settlements in Spanish Wells and Harbour Island, where the majority of their livelihood came from a shipwrecking industry. Despite the bustling settlements on the neighboring islands, Eleuthera has maintained a quiet, peaceful and natural charm about it.

Surfers come to Gregory Town and to Surfer’s Beach to take advantage of the year-round surfing scene. Governor’s Harbour, one of the older settlements in the area, is the main town, hub of commerce and is centrally on the island. Local farms provide produce to restaurants and farmer’s markets and Eleuthera is home to the famous sweet Eleuthera pineapples and the annual Pineapple Festival held in Gregory Town.

The Laughing Lizard – Gregory Town, Eleuthera

Located at the top of the hill just north of Gregory Town, Eleuthera is the funky & vibrant Laughing Lizard Cafe. Run by a team of Brilanders & Eleutherans, this long-time fixture has gotten a recent face lift and is now your go-to place for a fun laid back...