Out Island Life is a collection of stories and informative articles with the intent of sharing with you the various aspects of life in the beautiful Bahamas. 

Whether you are looking at purchasing real estate and making a permanent move, or are simply just curious as to what life is like for us islanders, Out Island Life is here to guide you. 

Those of us who live in the islands are very fortunate to live among and around palm trees, vibrant colors, ever-present sunshine and beautiful beaches. The people are warm and inviting, and there's a strong sense of island camaraderie. But how do you actually describe to someone what it's like to live on an island full-time, and that sometimes paradise isn't always what you imagined it to be? We deal with power outages on a regular basis, the water quality leaves much to be desired, cell phone service and internet are spotty at best, it's hard to get what you need and if you can get it - it's expensive, and of course, we have hurricanes. 

However, some of the best lessons you learn after living in the islands for a while, is that you realize that you don't NEED all the things you thought you did, you find it's always easier to just go with the flow, and when hurricanes roll through, it's either a big party or everyone gets together to help each other through the aftermath. So if you can get past the frustrations that not everything works all the time and try to think of it as an adventure, you'll love it. 

This website is a compilation of information, stories and personal experiences that we hope will help provide input if you are considering moving to, buying a home or building in the islands. We hope you enjoy it! 

Thanks for stopping by.

-Mark & Mariah Moyle

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